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I am a cyborg graphic designer, who combines a fine artist’s view of the world with the communication skills of a graphic designer to create exciting cyberpunk visions of the future. Explore my work to experience the hypnotizing power of neon lights and traveling forward in time.

In my creative practice I explore the emotions and soul hidden behind human faces. The core themes of my work are in creating visions of future and the advancement of technology. My fine art practice is moving in this direction as well; presenting my vision of the future on canvases. My native culture is a vital part of my art. By representing themes of native Polish folklore, I am involved in creating new futuristic forms. By doing this I aim to reinvigorate Polish tradition and culture, preserving it in the fast-changing world.

I am excited about finding more intersections between my art practice and my design skills, to see what kind of future visions I can create.

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