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DeepTourism is an application based on the idea of psychogeography, made on the Deep Information Design classes at my Erasmus in Germany. By using the app you can explore Frankfurt am Main in new ways and spot things that you have never noticed.


Application is design for the people that just came to the city and would like to experience it for the first time, as well as for the people that already live here. You can follow the stops on the map, where you can learn new things about sights and shoot a photo of the same presented place,


By playing this city game you can find the posters placed in the several locations in Frankfurt. Posters are going to get various forms such as glass posters and stickers. You can scan the QR Codes placed on them and play with Augmented Reality features of the DeepTourism application.

DeepTourism Animation logo.gif

Click to open my DeepTourism portfolio

DeepTourism screens mockup.jpg
frankfurt at night.jpg
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