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Election Cards with a Wink: 2020 Edition

Introducing "Election Cards with a Wink: 2020 Edition" - a deck of playing cards that merges the fantasy world of Gwent from The Witcher 3 with the very real and colorful characters of the Polish presidential elections in 2020.

Picture this: a deck where each card is a digital masterpiece, bringing to life the candidates who vied for the presidency in Poland. From the passionate to the eccentric, all captured in a humorous and thought-provoking light through the lens of digital painting.

Meet some of the characters:

  1. Andrzej Duda: The incumbent, portrayed with a regal air.

  2. Rafał Trzaskowski: Radiating charisma, a contender with a flair for connection.

  3. Szymon Hołownia: A fresh face, depicted with a touch of enigma.

  4. Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz: Traditional yet approachable, a card that resonates.

  5. Krzysztof Bosak: Unconventional and bold, a wildcard in the political deck.


Each card is a visual commentary on the political landscape, offering a humorous take on the dynamics of the 2020 elections. The digital paintings are not just pixels; they're reflections of a time, a snapshot frozen in the playful artistry of satire.

Printed with care, "Election Cards with a Wink: 2020 Edition" invites you to shuffle through the political deck, sparking conversations and laughter as you explore the intricacies of Polish politics through the lens of creativity. It's not just a card game; it's a humorous reflection on a pivotal moment in history, reminding us that even in politics, a touch of humor goes a long way.

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