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Fine Art | Drawing
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Fine Art Painting
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Fine Arts Achievements
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​I participated in several painting, graphic and history of art competitions, that were local, nationwide and international among others:

  • Winner of the Provincial Competition on the Arts and Culture, organized by District Museum in Toruń, 2016

  • Honorable mention in the competition for "Comic about Polish-Hungarian friendship", 2016

  • 1st place in the competition for " π in the frame - notice it every day", 2016

  • 3rd place in the photographic competition about railways and its monuments - Fot-Kol, 2017

  • Participation in the animation competition 'On the other side of the mirror', 2017

  • Participation in the 42nd Artistic Olympics - school stage, 2017

  • Participation in the 16th edition of the competition for the best poster on security issues and industrial property organized by the Patent Oce in Warsaw, 2018

  • XIV Macroregional Review of drawing, painting and sculpture, school stage, 2019

  • Participation in the art competition "Words are stones, and the soul is a garden" inspired by works of S. Horno-Popławski, 2019

  • Participation in the XIV National Biennial of Drawing and Painting for Art High School Students, 2019

  • Participation in the 11th International Biennal 'Family Portrait', 2019

  • Participation in the National Sculpting Competition Myślęcinek, 2019

  • 7th place in the 44th Artistic Olympics - regional stage, 2019

  • 15% fav in BoldBrush Fine Art December 2020 contest

  • London Art Biennale (2nd most important art competition after Venice) - finalist, 2021

  • Participation in MSI Creator Awards 2021

  • Participation in The Pastel Society 123th Annual Exhibition 2022 competition, 2021

  • Participation in Luxembourg Art Price 2021

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