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Opening of the exhibition by Cecylia Szymańska

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

On 27th of January 2022 the Opening of the exhibition by Cecylia Szymańska took place. I was pleased to meet the author of those great paintings and talk about our common and beloved topic - art. Her exhibition contained a cycle of paintings "Portrait of Wąbrzeźno Land in painting (manor houses, palaces, landscapes)". Thanks to her paintings our national and local sights can be immortilised for the next generations. The vernissage was a great opportunity to share new painting album of Cecylia Szymańska with the audience.

All these old manor houses, palaces, which are slowly disappearing from our landscape, are part of the local culture, our heritage. Immortalized on canvas and in an album, they become a valuable guide to the most beautiful architectural monuments - said Cecylia Szymańska at the vernissage.

I encourage you to look at the photographs below, made by my father Piotr Bylina. He brilliantly captured the great artistic vibes of the event. Enjoy!

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